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International Yoga Day 2019: 21st June, Theme for This Year

International Yoga Day
International day of yoga is additionally known as the world yoga day. world organization General Assembly has declared twenty first of Gregorian calendar month as a global Yoga Day. International Day of Yoga 2019 are celebrated on weekday, 21st June. This year the planet are celebrating the fifth International Day of Yoga with the theme of “Climate Action”.

International Yoga Day 2019 | For the past 5 years, the International Day of Yoga is well known annually on June 21 to lift world awareness concerning the advantages of the traditional Indian follow. On December eleven, 2014, the world organization General Assembly declared June 21st as ‘International Day of Yoga’, months when Prime Minister Narendra Modi had projected the concept.

The resolution on ‘International Day of Yoga’ was introduced by India’s Ambassador to UN Asoke Mukerji and saw 177 nations change of integrity as co-sponsors, the best range ever for any General Assembly resolution.

Adopted underneath the agenda of ‘Global Health and policy,’ resolution 69/131 recognized that Yoga “provides a holistic approach to health and well-being” which wider dissemination of data concerning its edges would be useful for the health of the planet population.

Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi is a yoga enthusiast himself and summer solstice was selected World Yoga Day on his suggestion in his speech at the world organization General Assembly in 2014, months when he was 1st nonappointive to the workplace. Since then, the govt. marks the day in a very huge manner with thousands of collaborating in mass Yoga events across the country.

International Yoga Day – History

If you had to guess that bill given to the world organization General Assembly had the best variety of co-sponsors ever, which might you guess? you almost certainly wouldn’t think about International Day of Yoga—but that’s the answer! India’s Prime Minister caught up the adoption of June twenty-first as International Yoga Day, and here we have a tendency to are celebrating these days. you will apprehend yoga as a recent effort trend, however, yoga has Indian roots that go back as way as 5000 years agone. In ancient Asian nation, yoga was thought-about a mental, physical, and religious thanks to the following meditation and rework the body and mind. thus grab your yoga mat and let’s get to figure.

International Yoga Day – Activities

  1. Bring Your Tree to create to Nature
    Practicing outside will breathe some contemporary air into your yoga poses. follow on the beach, at your native park, or maybe in your yard. close yourself during new surroundings may be way more participating by having new things to target.
  2. Do you know your om factor
    Create your own flow of movements and find out new mixtures to your favorite music. generally, a modification in movement or music will assist you to focus your energy and synchronize your respiratory absolutely to musical transitions.
  3. Introduce an acquaintance to the yogi way
    Bringing an acquaintance may be simply the correct motivation you wish to revamp your follow. Not solely can their presence inspire you to strengthen your poses, however conjointly they will score massive on free yoga deals for brand new students?

Why We Love International Yoga Day

  1. It’s inclusive
    People of all age teams, religions, nationalities and social backgrounds will celebrate, as a result of yoga is accessible to all! Their area unit such a big amount of totally different forms of yoga practices, thus it’s potential for anyone to begin. Size and fitness levels don’t matter—there area unit modifications each for yoga create and beginner categories in every vogue.
  2. Yoga helps you manage stress
    Life may be disagreeable generally, and it will take its toll on our physical bodies. Have back or neck pain, sleeping issues, and headaches? Regular yoga observe creates mental clarity, calmness, and relieves chronic stress—which suggests that it will assist you with all of them on top of.
  3. Practicing yoga is healthy
    This is no surprise, however, it bears continuance. Yoga strengthens and stabilizes the spine, relieving back pain, stress, anxiety, and tension. It helps with weight reduction, maintaining a balanced metabolism and will increase flexibility. And these area units just some of its host of advantages.

Theme For International Yoga Day 2019

The theme for International Yoga Day 2019 is Climate Action and it’ll be celebrated at the world organization on Thursday (June 20) with “Yoga with Gurus,” followed by a discussion on twenty-one Gregorian calendar month.

“Yoga is Associate in Nursing ancient physical, mental and religious apply that originated in the Republic of India. The word ‘yoga’ derives from Indic and suggests that to hitch or to unite, figuration the union of body and consciousness,” the international organization says, acknowledging that Yoga “continues to grow in popularity” across the planet.

You’ll Never Believe Yoga’s Health Benefits

We all envy the toned muscles of yogis—but did you recognize that is just one of yoga’s edges once practiced often? scan on to seek out however yoga will reform each your body and your mind!

    1. It will prevent aging
      Yoga stimulates detoxification, that contributes to delaying aging.
    2. It will cure sleep disorder
      Because yoga helps each exercise your body and banish stress, yoga practitioners usually realize they sleep higher.
    3. It will raise assurance
      Yoga is comprised of tiny movements that cause you to additional attentive to your body. In turn, this will lead you to be even additional assured in its talents.
    4. It will cut back stress
      Because yoga involves centering practices like deep respiratory and specializing in the matter at hand, it takes your mind off stress and reduces it within the end of the day.
    5. It will assist you to resist temptation
      Yoga is all concerning controlled movements, and these will simply translate to different aspects of your life.

Yoga won’t solely assist you to attach your mind and heart however additionally it’ll assist you to get cure several diseases and issues.

Regular observe of those disciplines, facilitate us to transcend the physical and mental limitations and are available to the easeful state of mind of being true itself. it’s a whole essence of the means of a happy and healthy life. This ancient science offers an on the spot means that of stilling the natural turbulence of thoughts and restlessness of body that stop us from knowing what we actually are.

Nowadays yoga has become very talked-about as a system of exercise everywhere the planet. it’s a well-liked activity among athletes, kids, and seniors too. Yoga has been proved to lower pressure level and will increase strength and suppleness. Yoga energizes our bodies and calms our minds. therefore allow us to add Yoga in our lives and keep healthy.

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International Yoga Day 2019: 21st June, Theme for This Year
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